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Blue Nile is an online jewelry retailer founded in 1999. It is based in Seattle, Washington. As of February 2017, it is a subsidiary of Bain Capital.

One angry customer of Blue Nile wrote this on customersaffair: Purchased a Blue Nile ring and it takes about a month to deliver. Told them to have it helps at the FedEx facility. Said it was fine and then the next day get an email at night saying shipping is delayed. They couldn't change it and it ruined my proposal. Girlfriend is from another country and her parents were in town. Was planning on doing it with them present since they don't get to see us as much. Now the ring will be delivered the day they leave. Ruined my whole proposal plans and they didn't care at all. Do not recommend. Also found basically the same ring/diamond combo for $500 less after purchase.


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Current Employee - Software Engineer II says

"-technology gets no respect at all here- the business does not invest in their staff at all - very high turnover - things are expected to be done quickly not well"

Former Employee - Jeweler says

"Post buyout fallout. You’re a number, keep your mouth shut and your head down and you too can make less money than what you’re worth. Don’t worry, you’ll get stabbed in the back eventually, too."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company do not and will not invest in technology or development, though claiming to be a forward thinking "tech" company. Pay is exceptionally low compared to market. Company culture is non-existent and jobs are being off shored."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many to mention. Inequality in pay and chaos abound here. Underhanded hires and backstabbing leadership. Absolutely do not care if you work hard."

Former Employee - Finance says

"Dishonest Management, uneven workloads, psychological mind games-primarily from the controller, 38 finance employees, in my three years have resigned, trust me and run."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior leadership is a joke. Head of HR acting as COO is a joke. Micromanages and makes panicked decisions. There is no published structure so nobody can work cross functionally effectively. CFO runs the show without understanding of the business. Company spends way too much money on IT and not where it truly is needed. Old guard is more interested in “how we used to do it” than actually evolving and changing the company with a focus on improvement and growth. Intense culture of back-stabbbing. By far the worst place I have worked in over 30 years. If you need a paycheck then accept an offer. If you have options....RUN to you other options. This place is a wreck with dishonest leadership!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They lie to everyone. Quality is a joke. Customer Experience is a reflection on it’s senior director, dirty. No decision makers give a second thought to employees; discarded like trash, regardless of performance or tenure. One minute of employment is embarrassing, regrettable, and will damage opportunities for future employment. Just don’t. It’s the absolute worst company I’ve ever had the displeasure of associating with. Location is irrelevant. It’s all bad."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Culture- the culture that helped define and grow the company disappeared when the company went private with Bain blowing up management which led to systematic dismantling of multiple functional areas. NO clarity of purpose and direction changes weekly creating a lot of busy work. Management- since 2017- 3 CEOs, 2 Chief Marketers, COO "left," uncomfortable dynamic with existing leadership clearly believing that they are here to "fix" a broken company with little to no industry experience and failure to listen to counsel of more experienced peers. Private Equity- do some research on Bain and their peers. Took a company that had been consistently profitable and morphed the business model to include the classic PE massive debt load adding stress to a business operating in a shrinking market. Treatment of Legacy Employees- many of the people who have stuck out the years of chaos post purchase were the ones who helped build the company but their knowledge and hard work have been marginalized and discounted by the scores of consultants and new employees with better titles and in many cases less experience. Office- Headquarters located in the epicenter of the homelessness epidemic plaguing Seattle creating an unsafe environment for employees who are routinely expected to work late."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up. Company doesn't really care about its people or live by its values. Don't waste your time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It was common for management to yell at subordinates in the office. After my manager crossed the line and I felt unsafe, I went to HR who recommended I respect my manager's Korean culture because that's normal where he's from. I left shortly after the incident."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"No job security. 1 wrong move they will let you go. Managers will backstab you. Don't waist your time. just a very stressful job. would not recommend this company to anyone. if I only looked up the history about this company I would have never joined Bluenile."

Sucker (Former Employee) says

"Poor management. Horrible benefits and pay. No opportunity for advancement. No life-work balance. They will chew you up and spit you out, expect no respect from management. The only good thing about working here is to add something to your resume, but even then every company knows how horrible the work ethic is there and will not consider you seriously. They express that they have high standards when really the quality is just plain cheap and overpriced. There is a high turnover rate."

Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Terrible, back stabbing culture. Zero leadership. High school clique atmosphere in which employees are pitted against each other. They watch good employees walk out the door and then trash talk them to the people that are left. Cons: Everything"

Quality Assurance/Diamond Setter/Bench Jeweler (Current Employee) says

"Unfortunately they don't pay enough for the cost of living expenses that are rising in the area. Company advertises they research competitive pay and job advancement but don't share research results and don't pay competitive rates. Always have over time that is expected to work all the time. Management have complaints issued to them all the time but nothing gets resolved, from supervisors harassment to non team players that add to workload because of lack of training or lack of interest in their responsibilities. Training is done but you aren't given the opportunity to practice the training methods. There are people working under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol most times and are ignored. Favouritism is noted and they don't have same work requirements. Racial profiling is emplied all the time by older security officer in his story antidotes. Would not consider this place as a professional environment. Focus is on making more profit for executives and not sharing any perks or bonuses with the physical laborers. Cons: Harrassment, lack of training, lack of consideration of quality of life, way too much overtime. Very low moral, hiring of anyone not trained as jewlers or metalsmiths."

Order Filler/Picker (Former Employee) says

"While I cannot say specifics as that would be in violation of documentation that I signed and I also genuinely don't have many issues with my coworkers or the work environment, I'll keep it brief. Cons: Often worked into the ground, meh management"

DJC (Former Employee) says

"Corporate slavery, just because they pay $17.00 they think they own you. No life balance just work and more work mandatory overtime. The Schedule changes all the time, so if you want to work here stop living!! After you accept this job you will see the company’s true colors. High turnover for reason, people are miserable here. IF YOU THINK THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR IS THE WORST?! THINK TWICE!!!you really don’t want to work here."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Leadership from top down is poor. It's a culture of micromanagement and passive aggressive behavior. The company spends money in the areas that aren't important while neglecting key areas that need resources. Cons: Poor Culture, Poor Leadership"

Online Jewelry Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Although they tried to boost morale, they weren't fully supportive and it was hard to get days off. This was one of the worst jobs I've ever had, and their management was iffy. Some were great and some were not. They were all good to the customers, but weren't always good to the employees. Customers were also hard to deal with, which made it hard when management wasn't consistently supportive."

Senior Technical Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Tense, punitive culture. Horrible managers who don't receive any managerial training, don't improve, but keep their jobs no matter how bad they are, how many people quit under them, or how many people go to HR about them. Working there was one of the WORST experiences of my entire life. Cons: Culture, people, managers"

Diamond Consultant (Current Employee) says

"a manager who says has your back nd turns around n effs you in the a** is not okay! If you like a manager who plays favorites this is the job for you! Cons: A lieing fake manager"

Showroom Manager (Former Employee) says

"No training was given for this position and this is not an exaggeration. Regional Mgr tried to pin my training on another Mgr who’s store is an hour away. HQ is in Seattle and they had no idea this was happening. I was told I was coming into a store with a great team only to find many issues upon my arrival. Shortly after Christmas the CEO left, members of upper mgmt were fired, and others were switched around to different departments. The managers of the Showroom division were all frightened and 2 of us lost our jobs. My biggest fear was leaving a very secure job with a company that had major advancement potential. When I was recruited and offered their package, I told them my fears. I was assured that Mgrs are given tons of support and time to make their mark in the company. 2 months later I was let go with no warning , no discussion of any issues.... just one ridiculous conversation where I had to turn in my keys. Enter this flip flopping company at your own risk."

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"Blue Nile is a tough place to work if you care about your job and want to be a part of something cool. The management and executive team have no idea what they're doing."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"When I started working for them it was on a consulting basis. They advertised being a nonprofit they aren’t I felt used for my knowledge and when I wasn’t moving fast enough for them they terminated my contract without any notice. Cons: Short sighted, lied about who they were, not a serious organization."

Customer Care (Current Employee) says

"The company has experienced significant turmoil recently, and this has led to a breakdown of vision for the future, as well as massive deflation of employee morale. It's difficult to go to work every day assuming that at least one or two people - often people in upper management - will have been terminated overnight. There's no solid leadership for employees, and no opportunities for career growth. The theory seems to be that if you're good at your job, they want you at that job forever - no motivation from leadership to even advance inside your current position. No one knows who is responsible for anything, and it's becoming clear that this company isn't what it used to be. Cons: No upward mobility, no leadership from management, no job security"

production assistant (Current Employee) says

"My work amount was incredible,I was often doing 15 to 18 hours. The business was a women clothing company. We were having as customers big companies as Asos, Topshop, River Island, Debenhams, Next, Lipsy, Miso. All the dresses were being produced in Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey) and my job was to make sure everything goes smooth. The management style was something like: do as you want, keep the costs low and make sure you don't make any mistakes. The co-workers were from all over the world: South Africa, Japan, Romania, Pakistan, Ghana, Jamaica, Cyprus, Turkey and of course Britain. Cons: every friday i was working minimum 18 hours, no chances for individual development"

Personal Jewelry Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here - not enough support from management - nothing but complaining customers - very disorganized company who will take advantage of you whenever they can. Cons: Too many to count"

DIAMOND SETTER (Former Employee) says

"During peak season all overtime was MANDATORY, starting with 10 hour days in October, 14-15 hour days before Christmas, 7 DAYS A WEEK! One peak season we all worked 21 days straight which I'm pretty sure is illegal. The company also did its best to constantly find ways to not pay overtime which was just a slap in the face. Everyone once in a while the new out of touch CEOs and higher ups (they were constantly changing) would come in and try to act like they actually cared. There is absolutely no room for growth. I was lured in with hopes of more money for more skills. After almost 2 years and learning every skill possible I was told to get used to my 2% yearly raise. This place was good for skill building but that's about it. Use it for what you can and move on. That's what they do to you. Cons: extremely long hours, no real pay increases, no appreciation"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"The job came with a lot of responsibilities delegated to one "team member" to manage. Since it is a locally owned establishment, the waiter/waitresses were in charge of hosting and seating, serving, preparing salad and soups for guests, cashing out, bussing tables, and preparing to-go orders. At times this was okay to manage for one person, but it can get extremely stressful during lunch and dinner hours. There is mainly ONE waiter/waitress working at all times. Cons: Stressful management, unfairly delegated tasks to employees"

Diamond and Jewelry Consultant (Current Employee) says

"A typical work day is pretty routine in the company. You do definitely have a chance to learn about a lot of things, from jewelry to the internal computer system itself. Co-works are very wonderful people and can assist greatly when it comes to the job function. Hardest thing about working in the company is dealing with schedules as shift can very and days off may change. Company doesn't really seem to care much about employees dealing directly with customers."

Diamond and Jewelry Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Typical work day was to clock in, log into systems needed to answer calls, check your emails, open orders and information requests sent to/from you. Then you answer calls and emails that were sent to the company's email boxes. What I truly enjoyed were my colleagues. Management demonstrates favoritism based on criteria which is best left unsaid. The hardest part of the job is telling customers "No." while hoping they do not escalate the call. This is a LEAN company and so if you are in it for the money, you should look elsewhere. Cons: inflexibility on scheduling, no way to appeal customer complaints about the service you provided."

Sarah says

"Stunningly bad customer service. I have purchased a number of things from Blue Nile in the past and had excellent experiences each time. In late October, my wife's wedding ring suddenly popped two small diamonds so we shipped it back for repair. BN confirmed receipt and then provided no updates until 12/20. On 12/20 they emailed to say that a repair and diamond replacement was necessary because the ring was used in "heavy activity" (not sure what that means, but she takes them off for everything from handwashing to cooking to working out). I agreed to the small replacement fee, then no contact again. Two weeks later, I sent a follow up email to check on the status and received no response. Today they reported the same thing, as if this was the first they were hearing of it, and asked for the fee again. Now they have had the ring for two months and have no estimate for when I might get it back. A real shame because they previously provided such a fantastic experience."

Mike says

"I ordered a package from Blue Nile and when I opened the package it smelt like raw fish sewage. It stunk up my clothes, and my apartment. I had to throw away $300 worth of clothes. Contacted Blue Nile and they blew me off! I would never order anything from them again because your next package could smell like sewage!"

Nathan Greene says

"I was furloughed for 6 months this year. I asked to extend my promotional balance during the summer. I was still making payments and was approaching payoff. At no point did I receive a 'payoff statement' with date I needed to pay the engagement ring I purchased. I made double payments in October to pay off the ring as my fiancee and I called off the engagement and parted ways. I wanted her to be able to sell if she wanted to, free and clear. Therefore, I thought I was completed paid up before November 1st. My statement said $0.00, and just this past week, I received an e-mail stating my "promotional APR had expired, and I owed $1077 (and change)". I wrote Blue Nile asking for an explanation; they said there was still $200 left on the promotional balance and the rest was finance charges backloaded from Day 1. I said there was no way I would pay all of it off with the exception of $200 to garner those additional charges when I had been up to date on all payments and even paid extra at the end. Back and forth, a customer service rep and I wrote through their e-mail system. Then, finally, they asked me to call in due to "extenuating circumstances". I asked to speak to a supervisor after explaining my situation to this service rep. She said she didn't have one and that "there was nothing they could do". I showed I had already paid the final $200. They said it was "too late to do anything about it and no exceptions are made ever". So, in a pandemic, when a person was furloughed for half the year, who had their engagement called off and is now typing this at home as a positive COVID carrier now, Blue Nile can't even negotiate the total amount of finance charges assessed to someone who hadn't been late on any payments despite all of the aforementioned? Ridiculous cheats."

MJL says

"Bought a silver bracelet and earrings a few weeks ago for my wife. But alas, my wife got a Blue Nile ad for those exact 2 products on Facebook and Instagram with prices. So not exactly a surprise."

Hamit Bhagwandas says

"Awful experience. Contacted Blue Nile in regards to a wedding ring I saw on their site. Confirmed multiple times with the team regarding the shipping timescales and I was reassured that the ring would be delivered to me 3-4 weeks from the date ordered. They confirmed that they'd be able to give me the ring, in my size etc and that I should call them to make the order. Called on Thursday and placed the order, received no confirmation, invoice, nothing. Just "the order will be completed by the end of the day" - Several days pass, nothing. Multiple emails chasing for my order confirmation. "It's still processing". Eventually Monday comes round and "due to holiday closures" they 'anticipate' dispatching the ring in mid JANAUARY. You don't go telling potential customers that your ring will be delivered within 3-4 weeks to "we'll ship it mid January" after the order is placed. We lost 5 days worth of ring shopping at other jewellers because these cowboys pretended to have everything available and ready for dispatch. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this company. I really should have listened to the reviews myself."

Salah says

"Very bad experienced!! I just had to cancel my order and wanted to give you some feedback and explain why in case you find it helpful. I ordered a ring in Nov. 4th that was supposed to ship on Nov. 11. I had a whole planned for my future fiancée. I get an email a week later letting me know that my order cannot be fulfilled and my new ship date would be the end of November. So I replanned everything around that time-frame but today I got an email that said my new ship date would be Dec 15th without any other information or a heads up. In addition, I was told I would be charged more money to select an option that ships sooner!! So in the end I had to cancel my order and get a refund. This has been a very frustrating experience for me that I hope other people avert."

Jeannie Farns says

"Some years ago I bought custom made diamond earrings (platinum posts, Asscher cut, 2 carat total weight) from Blue Nile, trying to match up the diamonds based on carat/size, cut, clarity, and color. When I got them the diamonds were so mismatched that when I wore them people would ask me if they were real or not. One of them is beautiful, the other is dull and barely looks like a diamond. I should have returned them but they were a gift from my husband and then I waited too long to be able to do so. My bad. I never wear them even though I spent thousands on them, they look that bad. I like their silver jewelry and my sisters and I have all bought several pieces from Blue Nile. I just wouldn't recommend buying their diamonds."

justice says

"OMG I’m glad I did not buy anything there, thanks to your bad reviews I’m avoiding getting scammed!"

Debra says

"Great in the beginning. Customer service is awful had my $17,000.00 oval cut eternity band 2 months and noticed one of the stones appeared to be chipped or cracked. Sent it back, have gotten nothing but the run around, it has taken 2 months for them to decide to tell me it’s my problem and would I like a quote for replacing the stone? After several emails and phone calls explaining “what is a typical day for your diamond ring?” WHAT? I’m 68 years old and walk for exercise and play golf. I do not wear my jewelry while exercising, then I was told it could have suffered damage from excessive key board typing???? What a diamond? So I was left with, “do you want a price to replace the stone?” I reluctantly said yes. It has now been another 2 weeks and still NO price on cost of the stone to replace! I’ve asked for a supervisor to call me above general repairs, they called of course from a “no caller ID” of which my phone sends those calls straight to voice mail! Today I will call my bank for help!!!!"

Brittany says

"Please please please go to another jeweler. I returned rings a month ago and I still have not received my refund. $4500 they are holding onto and I need that money to pay for our Wedding caterer for our Wedding in 3 days. I've called 8 times in the last week trying to get this resolved and they haven't done anything for me. I'm a balling mess. If we don't come up with the money to pay our caterer today, we won't have a caterer for our Wedding. Please save yourself and don't make a mistake I made."

PS says

"For everybody to keep in mind- trust at your own peril. They not only sent me the wrong size for TWO rings, they also sent me smaller width to save cost on 1 ring. Even the corner high street jeweller does not do petty fraud like this. I merely asked them to refund my postage charges for returning such scam products. They refused! £59.58. I have recorded photos and measurements of both rings. This is the kind of company that gives internet-only businesses a bad name."

Christopher Dalton says

"More bad reviews than good!!!!! I wrote to them about tax 2% changes in Ireland but they then put up price by 30 percent... They told me to wait!!! Shocking. Terrible customer service deny everything, even though they have the record! Tax dodgers and cheats. positive reviews are possible insider reviews."

Charles says

"Purchased a ring and it takes about a month to deliver. Told them to have it helps at the FedEx facility. Said it was fine and then the next day get an email at night saying shipping is delayed. They couldn't change it and it ruined my proposal. Girlfriend is from another country and her parents were in town. Was planning on doing it with them present since they don't get to see us as much. Now the ring will be delivered the day they leave. Ruined my whole proposal plans and they didn't care at all. Do not recommend. Also found basically the same ring/diamond combo for $500 less after purchase."

Mur says

"I purchased a diamond neckless from one of their sales associates and two days later I received an email stating that the diamond I chose was not available. I later found out that they knew about the availability issue for two days prior to notifying me. They then offered a significantly more expensive diamond of lower quality. Five phone calls, two emails and failed call back promises, they gave me a slight discount on another diamond. Even now, I am not sure it will show up. Guess I will need to buy another present. After years of doing business with them, and spending tens of thousands of dollars, this will be my final order."

Disappointed says

"Purchased two diamond solitaire rings, diamond earrings, diamond studs and two diamond wedding bands and customer service is horrible! The last solitaire ring arrived the wrong size and is missing the platinum marking on the inside. The size of the ring I ordered does not match the sizing rings they sent me. I have contacted customer service both via chat and on the phone and said a diamond expert would have to handle the repair set up. Instead, I received a call back from a higher level manager who wants to discuss my return history! Yes, I have returned several items over a five year period but all within the 30 day return/exchange window which is clearly stated on their website. One of my rings was sent in for resizing last year and they actually misplaced the diamond! I have them a second chance this year but I am really fed up. I am now going to have to spend money to get my recent purchase sized and tested to ensure that the setting is platinum. Save your money and shop somewhere else."